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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Freddie Jackson

Have you ever tried to search for "Best ghost photo" on Google.

I have and was disapointed with the results.

Lots of reflections of the flash off of water droplets, camera straps, and blurry photos.

The one I like the best is...

Freddie Jackson

A run of the mill group photo of a World War I squadron became infamous when an extra face appeared behind one of the airmen located on the top row, fourth from the left (see insert for a clearer view). The airmen instantly recognized the face to be that of Freddy Jackson, a mechanic who was killed by an airplane propeller two days prior. His funeral had taken place on that day, but apparently Freddy Jackson wasn't aware that he was not required to show up for it.

I still believe that this could be a simple issue of mistaken dates (photo taken prior to his death).

I WANT TO BELIEVE (but can't yet).

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Anonymous said...

Terrible explanation...what a half assed two bit website, absolutely horrible post

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