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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ghost Photos

"Brown Lady"

We have all seen the pictures. A wispy thin figure, transparent. Perhaps a solid form behind a family member as seen in the below picture.

"Dennise Russell"

But can photos be trusted. It was common for early photographers to take “spirit photos”. A simple trick done by multiple exposing film. Digital technology has now removed the negative that film used to have. The negative was an important tool to verify the authenticity of a picture.

Digital photos do have a trace to help investigators determine if they have been altered. Unfortunately with Youtube, Flicker, and numerous forums on the internet, it is rare to actually get to the original picture.

This leads to rampant deception and hoaxing. Computer power was to be an aid in detecting real photos but in reality, it has become a road block to finding the truth.

Videos also now come under the same tainted pool due to computers and simple off the shelf software that can make amazingly real images.

So, we can’t say that all photos and videos are fake but wading through the pool of false ones taints the whole field of photographic and video evidence.

Perhaps the only way to know for sure is if a ghost walks right into a scientific lab filled with researchers waiting to put the ghost through double blind studies.

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