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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Red Eyed Animals

Ever look outside in the dark and see something. You shine a light and bingo. Red eyes looking at you. Very creapy. I happened to me once. Thoughts of the Chupacabra ran through my thoughts. But then rational thinking took hold and tada!!! a logical answer.

From wiki...

The light of the flash occurs too fast for the iris of the eye to close the pupil. Light passes through the blood-rich area alongside the iris (called the choroid) and then strikes the retina. Some of the light is reflected back out through the iris. The camera records this reflected light which has now passed twice through the reddish choroid. This principle is used in fundoscopy, an examination of the retina with an opthalmoscope, wherein a positive reddish-orange reflection is a normal finding.

I mean, think about all those photos you take of your family with the dreaded red eyes. Most cameras nowdays even correct for this by strobing the flash.

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